The guy said I needed the hormone estrogen, not progesterone, the exact opposite

The guy said I needed the hormone estrogen, not progesterone, the exact opposite

I have no birth control conditions – I would like to conceive and that i use NFP anyways

If this article are right the thing that makes my personal doc suggesting me personally the contraceptive pill (as he told me primarily the hormone estrogen) to fight this problem? I am terrified when planning on taking it on account of how awful future of depo could have been. I have had each one of these affairs stopping depo and you may even more. I finally discover a health care professional you to definitely informed me precisely what the topic are no less than (contrary to popular belief your doctor one to prescribed me depo informed me there is not a chance my episodes was due to ending they), but I don’t want to make one thing worse by using actually much more the hormone estrogen.

Valerie, Area of fact, Canada have not banned Depo Provera. It’s still given, even in the event way less will than about ten years ago.

Thank you for revealing your own positive experience with Depo-Provera. You’re correct that ladies may display bad experience than just self-confident of them, however, given that writer of this particular article it’s disconcerting so you’re able to continue reading week after week-on this blog post and early in the day that I blogged regarding the future away from Depo- exactly how many women have trouble having fun with and you can stopping it contraceptive. Best wishes.

Danielle, your own comment depicts just how nothing most doctors see concerning the endocrinology of your period together with effects of unopposed the hormone estrogen, that’s what you’re experience. Dr. Prior, an enthusiastic endocrinologist, has actually learned ovulation and also the period for more than 40 years. You decide that knows a little more about what women can be experience whenever it prevent Depo and exactly why.

You can also consider carefully your age, your following arrangements in order to have youngsters, your own birth prevention standards, and your health concerns before making a decision for you to go ahead. One thing is definite, bringing the pill isn’t from the recuperation of Depo, but instead the fresh change of a single man-made hormone profile for the next. All the best.

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It is very frustrating to see exactly how nothing doctors and you may sexual healthcare organization discover as to why and you will just what females very usually experience when they prevent getting Depo

Thank you so much Laura to suit your response. My question for you is the things i will likely be carrying out concerning symptoms I am with. My doc is concerned regarding the big anemia to date since of one’s amount of bloodstream I am losing ( I was hemorrhaging heavily for a couple of.5 days) which will be, he says, why he needed birth prevention. He told you there are other choices if the I am not saying at ease with that but I’m not sure exactly what I am meant to request. My wellness priority try I would like to get better. My spouce and i want to have pupils now. I’m 30 years old and you may I was existence disruptingly ill to possess over 8 weeks now, and you will avoided taking the attempt 10 months before, while we want people we wouldn’t also contemplate it up until I’m best as I would not be able to look after good guy nowadays, I am able to barely get through my day. I’m finding getting earlier that it, just like the I am unable to thought another 24 months similar to this because the I have discover many people have acquired. Since I have been hemorrhaging it is gotten increasingly hefty and i get cramps today other day and they have gotten to become really humdrum.

Your medical professional displayed myself that we possess a cyst inside my ovary (the guy said that could actually be great information, he said new corners are beginning to help you collapse and it you certainly will feel a sign of returning ovulation), and this the newest ultrasound can’t even pick up a level so you’re able to the brand new thickness of my personal uterine lining, this is exactly why the guy believes I’m bleeding much now – he said I am essentially down to the muscle wall hence is continually seeping bloodstream, the guy mentioned that estrogen accumulates the fresh new uterine wall structure and this is why the guy wishes us to bring it (when it comes to bc, however, the guy said I will perform the absolute means if i try at ease with one to).

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